265 D-H100 of Xebex International, Ltd.

Automatic Densimeter
No. 265 Model D-H100
Auto densimeter.jpgFor Measurement of Specific Gravity of Rubber, Plastic and Ceramic Samples

- Testing Method: ISO-2781, JIS-K6258

- High precision type (Display in 4 digits after decimal point)
- Weighing Capacity: Max. 100g
- Min. Reading: 0.1mg
- Reproducibility: ±0.1mg
- Linearity: ±0.2mg
- Specific Gravity Range: 0.9 to 20
- Display: 000.0000g (indicating W/weight in air, w/weight in liquid & D/density)
- Averaging: up to 99 points
- Immersion Time: 1 to 999 sec. setting
- Setting: Date, Air density (k), Immersion Time (T), Clamp Compensation (Δw)
- Printing Items: Sample No., Weight in air, Weight in liquid, Density & Average
- Container for Liquid: φ102mm x 120mm H (glass beaker)
- Power supply: AC220-240V, 50/60Hz, Single phase, about 2A
- Dimensions & weight: 46(W) x 42(D) x 89(H) cm, Net about 30kg

* Another model, D-H300, of max. 300g weighing capacity is also available.

* Some of Available Items in Option:
- Constant Temperature Water Bath, No.0265, Type T, Model CL-150R
- Automatic Temperature Input unit, Type AT (for CL-150R)
- Double-wall beaker as spare