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Notching Tool
No.628 Model A-4 Series
628 Notching Tool.jpg

The A-4 series are compact, computerized, numerically controlled milling machine for preparing a variety of notched specimen bars. All operations except mounting and dismounting of the sample are automatic.

Model A-4 (Slice cutting & Notching)
- Notching system: Sngle-tooth, milling type (Conforming to ISO 2818 & JIS K7144)
- Processing items: Single notching, slice cutting, double notching (option)
- Notching capacity: 50 to 210mm (length), 3 to 15mm (height), 100mm (thickness/max. chuck clearance)
- Notch height setting: Digital setting (in 0.01mm steps)
- Cutter motor: AC servo motor (speed ajustable for 200 to 900 rpm)
- Notch cutter (V type): External diameter at 75mm., angle at 45゚, tip radius at 0.25mm (disck type)
- Notch cutter speed: Max. 165m/min.
- Slice cutter: Diameter at 100mm, thickness at 1mm (2 pieces/set attached as standard accessories)
- Slice cut length: 80mm (for ISO multi-purpose sample)
- With safety devices
- Power: 100V AC, 50/60Hz, 8A (supplied with a transformer for local voltage)
- Dimensions & weight: 30(W) x 70(D) x 70(H) cm, Net approx. 65kg

Model A-4E (Notching only)
- Major specifications are more or less the same as those above.
- Processing items: Single notching, double notching (option) <No slice cutting>
- Cutter motor: Synchronous motor (fixed speed; 300 rpm at 50Hz)
- Slice cutter: Not equipped with
- Power: 100V AC, 50/60Hz, 3A (supplied with a transformer for local voltage)


Lever Type Press Cutter
Model No.894
894 Press cutter.jpg(An attached die is optional.)

It is very important to accurately prepare test specimenss with good reproducibility. It is also desirable for an operator to produce a large number of specimens easily and quickly without personal errors. This model can be used for such purposes.

- Available dies: Any kind specified by ISO, ASTM or JIS, etc.
- Stroke: 15mm
- Press capacity: 6kN (600 kgf), suitable for rubber samples
- Press surface dimensions: 180 x 180 mm
- Cutter boss diameter to be installed: 13mm dia.
- Dimensions & weight: 20(W) x 32(D) x 50(H) cm, Net approx. 25kg

No. 895 Blade cutter
- One of the followings to be selected on order.
1) 3G: Dumbbell No.3 (JIS K6251-3): Tensile testing for rubber
2) 5G: Dumbbell No.5 (JIS K6251-5): Tensile testing for rubber
3) KA: Angle type, Grooved (JIS K6252-B): Tear strength for rubber
4) KN: Angle type, Non-grooved (JIS K6252-C): Tear strength for rubber
* 1 pair of spare blade included
* Other types of blades may also be supplied.


Lever Type Press Cutter
Model SDL-200
Dumbell SDL-200.jpg

This cutter is available for such samples as Soft rubber, Soft plastics and Unvulcanized rubber, etc.

- Cutting stroke: 0 to 16 mm
- Force ratio: 1:30
- Table size: Approx. 220(W) x 290(D) mm
- Cutter hole: 25mm in diameter
- Dimensions & weight: Approx. 280(W) x 400(D) x 640(H) mm, Net 60kg
* Standard accessories: PE under-layer & cussion paper (30 pcs.)

Cutters & Accessories
1) Super Dumbbell cutter, SDMK-100L-D
- Based on ASTM D638, Type 5, etc.
- Max. thickness for cutting: Approx. 3.3mm

2) Super Dumbbell cutter, SDMK-1000B-D
- Based on ASTM D624, Type B, etc.
- Max. thickness for cutting: Approx. 2.3mm

3) Slitting jig, SDSC-1200AS
- Based on ASTM D624, Type B (exclusively)
- Slitting depth: 0.5 +/-0.05 mm

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