Salt Spray of Xebex International, Ltd.

Salt Spray Tester
Model ''SQ'' Series

This SST & CASS tester has very unique designed Jet Nozzles, which can 100% solve salt crystallization problem and realize very fine-textured mist inside the chamber. Salt-water reservoir tank has a heater, and salt water temperature is always kept the same as the temperature inside the chamber.

Model SQ-800-ST
- Testing Method: ASTM B117, ISO 107-3768/3769, JIS Z2371/K5400/H8610/D0201/Z0236
- Spray generation: By non-crystal jet nozzle (patented)/no nozzle clogging
- With digital display, timer operation and transparent top cover
- Inside dimensions: 800W x 600D x 500H mm
- Acceptable samples: 150 x 70mm, 48 pcs. (15゚ placement) or 32 pcs. (30゚ placement)
- Test chamber temperature: 35゚C
- Salt water temperature: 35゚C
- Humidity generator temperature: 47゚C
- Tank capacity: 20L (polyethylene)
- Air compressor: optional
- Power source: AC200V, 3-phase, 5.5kVA
- Outer Dimensions & weight: 1,570W x 840D x 1,200H mm, Net about 120kg

Model SQ-1000-ST
- Inside dimensions: 1000W x 600D x 500H mm
- Acceptable sample: (150 x 70mm), 60 pcs. (15゚ placement) or 40 pcs. (30゚ placement)
- Power source: 200V AC, 3-phase, 5.5kVA
- Dimensions & weight: 1,770W x 840D x 1,200H Mm, Net about 130kg
* Other specifications are the same as those of S-800 above.

Model SQ-800-CA
- Testing Method: ASTM B368, ISO 107-3770 & 107-1456/1457, JIS H8617 & H8681
- Used for CASS Test (using sodium chloride and copper chloride solution)
- Test chamber temperature: 50゚C
- Salt water temperature: 50゚C
- Humidity generator temperature: 63゚C
* The other specifications are the same as those of SQ-800-ST above.

* The following options are available on request.
- Transformer 220V-240V/200V AC
- Compressor 0.2kW