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Artificial Solar Illumination Lamps

W_No_01.gif''SOLAX'' Artificial Solar Illumination Lamps

This is a series of artificially made solar illumination lamps. These lamps have as much as equivalent light beam characteristics as the sun light in terms of color rendering evaluation number, color temperature and illumination intensity.

Solax-2.jpg100W (1,600 and 3,000 cd) and 500W (12,600 and 26,000 cd) lamps are available and used for colour evaluation or health and biotech purposes. Recommended use will be for Boutiques, Printing factories, Photo studios, Dyeing factories, Jewellers, Cosmetic companies, Art museums, Food inspection houses, Biotechnological industries, Growers of vegitables, Institutes for health and sports, Sanatoriums and Hospitals, including Automobile Industries for car body painting check, etc.

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Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor

W_No_02.gif''HIRO'' Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor Unit

This is used for experimentation in hydrothermal reaction of Zeolites and Microporous material, useful for researches of catalysts.

- Reaction vessel volume: 50, 100 or 200 cc
- No. of reaction vessels: 4 (expandable up to 12)
- Max. pressue: 3 MPa
- Max. temperature: 200 deg.C (max. 220 deg.C)

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Table-top Universal Testing Machine

W_No_03.gif''TOYO SEIKI'' Strograph, Model E3 Series

This is a new single column table-top universal testing machine. Two types of cross-head tranvel distance of 490mm and 990mm are available, with various types of chucks.

- Load cell capacity: Max. 1kN
- Force accuracy: Within +/-1% of indicated value
- Cross-head travel distance: 490mm or 990mm
- Effective stroke: 330mm or 830mm

210 E3 strograph.jpg

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Portable Digital Microscope

No_04.png''SCALAR'' Portable Digital Microscope

This is an extremely portable digital microscope, with 3.5'' bright LCD monitor with grid display and flexible editing functions, and this microscope has the following features.

- 2.3MP high resolution
- Light-weight and easy to carry
- Touch and view
- CF card for data recording

DG-3x.jpg490g light-weight, with grid editor software.
Various types of accessoires can be used, including such lenses as 30x, 50x, 100x & 200x standard lenses, 100x, 200x, 500x & 1000x high-resolution lenses, 0x to 30x micro/macro lens, 25x to 200x parfocal zoom lens and bore lens.

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Video Loupe

No_05.png''SCALAR'' Video Loupe, VL-11S/SL

This is a microscope that can be connected to a TV monitor.

With High magnifying power, high resolution and high clarity
With a negative/positive selector switch
Enlargement from a 35mm negative film is also possible.

- 400x magnification
- Image output: NTSC system
- Video output: RCA jack/S jack
- Light source: 5W ring fluorescent lamp
- Dimensions & weight: 85 x 80 x 205 mm, Approx. 600g

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Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter

No_06.png''Tokyo Keiki'' Ultrasonic Flowmeter, UFP-20

This is a portable type ultrasonic flowmeter to be used to measure liquid flow rate flowing in various diameters of pipes.


This flowmeter can be applied to homogeneous and sonically conductive liquids, and the measuring range of flow velocity is -30 to +30m/s.

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Mineral & Rock Collections

No_07.png''Nichika'' Various Collections

You can enjoy various collections of Mineral, Rock, Weathering order, Soil and Fossil for research and educations purposes.

Rock-forming.jpgSystematic rock.jpg

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