PRODUCTS of Xebex International, Ltd.

LinkIconElectro-chemical Analyzers
Potentiometric automatic titrator, Acidity titrator, Salinity titrator, pH meter, Conductivity meter, Water quality meter, Portable water quality meter, Hand-held water quality meter, D.O. meter, COD meter, Ion analyzer, Sugar analyzer, Salt analyzer, Karl Fischer moisture titrator, Density/specific gravity meter, Portable density meter, Ultrasonic density meter, Ultrasonic particle distribution measuring instrument, etc.

LinkIconPeroleum Testers
Full-automatic asphaltene analyzer, Gasoline analysis system, X-ray sulfur meter, Petroleum product colour meter, Oil content analyzer, Penetration tester, Flash point tester, Aniline point tester, Dropping point tester, Auto tensiometer, Softening point tester, Automatic vacuum distillation apparatus, Existent gum tester, Oxidation stability tester, Copper corrosion tester, Carbon residue tester, Kinematic viscosity bath, Other manual testers, etc.

LinkIconPharmaceutical Testers
Dissolution tester, Medium preparation bottle, Disintegration tester, Orally disintegrating tablet tester, Tablet hardness tester, Friabilator, etc.

LinkIconColor Meters
Spectrophotometrc color meter, Tri-stimulus color meter, Transmission color meter, Handy color meter, Color/Whiteness meter, Haze/turbidimeter, Color/oil & haze measuring instrument, Petroleum product color meter, Water analyzer, Densitometer, Glossmeter, Handy glossmeter, etc.

LinkIconOptical Equipment
Artificial solar illumination lamp, Lux meter, Photometer, Flame photometer, Atomic absorption spectrophotometer, Microscopes (biological, digital, portable & shop), Microtome, High-speed visual data logger, Refractometers (digital, Abbe & hand type), Digital brix meter, Cathetometer, Reading microscope, etc.

LinkIconOvens & Thermal Chambers
Geer type oven, Mini jet oven, Vacuum oven, Convection oven, Clean oven, Climatic test chamber, Temperature chamber, Temperature & humidity chamber, Compact ultra low temperature chamber, Thermal shock chamber, etc.

LinkIconThermal Measuring Instruments
Thermal conductivity meter, Heat flow meter, Heat stroke checker, Heat gradient tester, Heat deformation tester, Flammability tester, etc.

LinkIconPolymer & Plastic Testing Machines
Universal testing machine, Tensile strength tester, Digi-thickness tester, Digital impact tester, Impact tester, Friction tester, DIN Abrasion tester, Rheometer, Folding endurance tester, De Mattia type flex-cracking tester, Mullen type bursting tester, Stiffness tester, Elmendorf type tearing tester, Brittle point temperature tester, Test tube aging tester, UVC ozone aging tester, Salt spray tester, Melt indexer, Hoover type automatic muller, Automatic densimeter, Gas transmission rate tester, Notching tool, Mini test press, Lever type press cutter, etc.

LinkIconOther Testers & Instruments
Hardness tester (micro-hardness, Vickers & Rockwell), Fruits hardness tester, Surface roughness measuring instrument, Roundness tester, Hydrothermal synthesis reactor unit, Ultrasonic flowmeter, Sound level meter, Vibration meter, Vibration test system, Seismic monitoring system, Coal & Coke tester, Hand gas monitor, etc.

LinkIconIndustial System
Hydraulic extrusion press, Microwave level gauge, Ultrasonic level meter, Seal peal compound

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