UFP-20 Flowmeter of Xebex International, Ltd.

Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Model ''UFP-20''

Portable type ultrasonic flowmeter to be used to measure liquid flow rate flowing in various types of pipes.

This flowmeter can be applied to homogeneous and sonically conductive liquids.

- Range: Converted to flow velocity, -30 to +30 m/s
- Method: Ultrasonic pulse transit time difference method
- Pipe condition: (Diameter) DN 13 to max. 5000 mm
- With medium transducers (for Range: DN 65 to 500 mm, or 20 to 50 mm by Z-path)
- Measurement accuracy: +/-2.0% (DN 13-90mm), +/-1.5% (DN 100-250mm), +/-1.0% (DN 300-5000mm)
- Logging function: Approx. 165,000 points
- Temperature input: 4 pieces of RTD (Pt-100) as Max.
- Display: LCD (320 x 240 dot matrix), with backlight
- Power supply: DC 10-30V, AC adapter applicable (90 to 264V AC, 47 to 64Hz)
- Internal battery life: Max. 8 hours, rapid charging by 4 hours
- Dimensions & weight: 135(W) x 250(L) x 68(H) mm, Net about 1.4kg

<Standard Accessories>
Medium transducers (1 pair), transducer mounting fixture, transducer cable, thickness/acoustic velocity measuring probe, battery, AC adapter, test piece, couplant, protection cover, carrying case, analog output cable & user's manual

<Available Option>
RTD kit, with the following items:
- PT-100, temperature junction box & adhesive tape