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Digital Micro-Hardness Testers
MMT-X Series
There are 3 models with choices of 2 different test load ranges. (LCD display model is available in option.)

[Common Specifications]
- Test load:
<Type A> 49.03/98.07/245.2/490.3/980.7/1961/2942/4903/9807 mN
(5/10/25/50/100/200/300/500/1000 gf)
<Type B> 9.807/29.42/49.03/98.07/245.2/490.3/980.7/1961/2942/4903/9807/19614 mN (1/3/5/10/25/50/100/200/300/500/1000/2000 gf)
- Automatic loading and releasing
- Load applying speed: 50µm/sec.
- Indenter: Standard (HV), Option (HV & HK)
- Objective lens: Standard:2 (x40, x10), Option:max. 4 (x5 to x100)
- Eyepiece lens: Standard x10, Option x15
- Magnification: Standard (x400, x100), corresponding to x50 to x1000
- Max. measuring length: 250µm
- Max. height of specimen: 120mm
- Max. depth of specimen: 160mm
- Accuracy: According to JIS B7725 and ASTM E384
- Power supply: 100V to 240V AC, 50/60Hz
- Dimensions & weight: 250W x 520D x 530H mm, Net 35kg (main body)

Model MMT-X1
* Analog model, Manual Turret, Economy type of manual operation
- Dwelling time: 5 to 30 sec.
- Min. scale: 0.5µm
- Min. measuring unit: 0.1µm
- Without LCD touch panel

Model MMT-X3
* Digital model, Manual Turret, with Color LCD touch panel
- Dwelling time: 5 to 99 sec.
- Min. graduation: 0.01µm (x200 to x1000)
- Min. measuring unit: 0.01µm (x200 to x1000)
- With color LCD touch panel
- Measuring mode: 6 kinds (HV, HK, HBS, KC, Xbar & Cylindrical correction)
- Data memory: 999 memories
- Data output: RS232C (for PC or printer), Centronics (for Dot printer)
- Hardness conversion: Possible in compliance with SAE & ASTM
- OK/NG criteria: Possible to set

Model MMT-X7
* Digital model, Auto Turret, with Color LCD touch panel
- Other specifications are the same as those of MMT-X3.

* Some of Availabe Items in Option:
- Digital camera
- C mount
- Knoop indenter (HK) or ball indenter (HB)
- V-shaped anvil (small or large)
- Precision vice
- Rotary table
- Thin specimen measuring device
- Fine specimen measuring device
- Dot printer, etc.