Vibration Meters of Xebex International, Ltd.

Vibration Meter
Model ''SmartVibro'' Series
Smart vibro.jpg
Compact, light-weight and advanced vibration meter

For simultaneous measurements of Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement
FET analysis and SD card data saving are available when selecting the high-end models.

[Common Specifications]
- Indication: (Peak & EQP) Acceleration, velocity & displacement, (RMS) Acceleration & velocity
- Full scale: 6 range automatic switching
- Output: (AC out) 0 to +/-1V, (DC out) 0 to +1V
- Display: English/Japanese
- Power source: Battery, AA x 2 pcs. (continuous duty approx. 20 hours)
- Dimensions & weight of main unit: 74(W) x 32.5(D) x 148(H) mm, approx. 230g (including batteries)

Model VM-4424S
- Frequency range: (Acceleration) 5Hz to 10kHz, (Velocity) 10Hz to 1kHz, (Displacement) 10Hz to 150Hz,
- Pickup type: Piezoelectric sensor

Model VM-4424H
- Same as the above
- With FFT analysis (∆f: 10/5/2.5 Hz) and SD card (for waveform data acquisition)

Model VM-3024S
- Frequency range: (Acceleration, velocity & displacement) 10Hz to 1kHz
- Pickup type: Electro-dynamic velocity pickup

Model VM-3024H
- Same as the above
- With FFT analysis (∆f: 25/12.5/6.25 Hz) and SD card (for waveform data acquisition)

Model VM-7024
- Frequency range: (Acceleration) 0.3Hz to 100Hz, (Velocity & displacement) 3Hz to 100Hz
- Pickup type: Piezo-resistive acceleration pickup
- With FFT analysis (∆f: 1/0.5/0.25 Hz) and SD card (for waveform data acquisition)

* Some of Accessories in Option:
- MH-201R, Small size strong magnet (N/A for VM-7024)
- MB-PB, Magnet for VM-7024
- LC-4, Long cable, 4m (for VM-4424S & 4424H)
- CE-3004-3, Long cable, 3m (for VM-3024S & 3024H)
- CE-3304-6, Long cable, 6m (for VM-3024S & 3024H)
- CE-3004-10, Long cable, 10m (for VM-3024S & 3024H)
- CE-7000, Long cable, 10m (for VM-7024)
- PC-3024, Rubber jacket
- PC-3024-3, AC adapter (for 100V AC only)
- KDA-20, Voltage down transformer, from 220-240V to 100V input
- C-3024, Carrying case


Vibration Meter
Model ''PortaVibro'' VM-3004SI
Portavibro VM-3004SI.jpg
Simultaneous measurements of vibration level, frequency and mode

Frequency analysis is also available.

Conforming to ISO 10816

- Frequency range: 10Hz to 1,000Hz
- Measuring range: (Acceleration:ACC) 1,10,100 m/s2; (Velocity:VEL) 1,10,100 mm/s; (Displacement:DISP) 10,100,1000 µmp-p ... 3 ranges
- Indication: EQP, RMS value (ACC, VEL), EQP (DISP)
- Accuracy: Within +/-5%
- Output: AC out, DC out, TUNE out
- Power supply: Battery 6F22 or AC power adapter (option)
- Dimensions & weight: 8(W) x 16(H) x 3.6(D) cm, Net 380g (main unit), with pick-up (165g)


Vibration Level Meter
Model VM-1220E
Used to measure vibration pollution from factory, construction site and traffic

Conforming to JIS C1510-1995

- Frequency range: 1 to 80Hz
- Measuring range: 30 to 120 dB
- Level range: 20 dB step, 2 ranges of 30 to 90 dB & 50 to 110 dB
- Linearity: 75 dB
- Measuring items: Lv (vibration level), Lva (vibration acceleration level), Lmax (max. value), Lmin (min. value), Lx: 5 value (time rate vibration level), and Leq (power averaged level)
- Measuring time: 1s, 3s, 5s, 10s, 1min, 5min, 10min, 15min, 30min, 1h, 8h, 24h
- Memory: Approx. 800 data pieces
- Interface: RS-232C
- Power supply: AA battery x 4 pcs. or AC (option)
- Dimensions & weight: 8.5(W) x 22(H) x 4.8(D) cm, Net 380g


Charge Vibration l Meter
Model VM-1970
Wide band digital charge vibration meter covering the frequency range of 1Hz to 100kHz

Conforming to ISO 10816

- Input signal: Charge from accelerometer
- Input sensitivity: Depends on pick-up charge sensitivity
- Measuring range: (Acceleration:ACC) 1Hz to 100kHz (+/-3dB), 3Hz to 70kHz (+/-0.5dB); (Velocity:VEL) 3Hz to 6kHz (+/-0.5dB); (Displacement:DISP) 3Hz to 600Hz (+/-0.5dB)
- Indication: EQP, RMS value (ACC, VEL), EQP (DISP)
- Charge sensitivity setting: 1.00 to 9.990pC/G, 0.1 to 999pC/m/s2
- Alarm function: 1 step, 0 to 110% of each range
- Output: (Waveform) 0 to +/-5V; (Level) 0 to +/-5V; (Calibration)n80Hz
- Display: 160 x 128 dot LCD with backlight
- Power supply: 100V AC (220V transformer in option), DC 9-12V or dry cells (D or R20) x 4 pcs.
- Dimensions & weight: 20(W) x 15(H) x 29(D) cm, Net about 5kg

* Some of Accessories in Option:
- Accelerometer, VP-4200
- Low noise cable, 4m


Smart Logger
Model VM-0110
Multi-channel waveform data logging system for simultaneous sampling from 6 channel (base unit) up to max. 72 channels

High speed data transfer to PC by IEEE 1394

- Accelerometer, servo-type acceleration pick-up, piezo-resistive pick-up or voltage output sensor

- Logging function: Channel common setting, trigger setting, channel individual setting or analogue output setting
- Analysis function: Statistics analysis, waveform edition, spectrum analysis, inverse spectrum analysis or octave band analysis

Measuring/Base unit
- Measuring channel: 6 channels
- Sampling rate: Max. 102.4kHz/ch.
- A/D resolution: 16 bit
- Host interface: IEEE 1394
- Card slot: PCMCIA x 1
- Power supply: 24V DC
- Dimensions & weight: 26.8(W) x 21(H) x 24.6(D) cm, Net about 6.6kg