273+275+276 of Xebex International, Ltd.

Test Tube Aging Tester
Model No.273

273 test tube_bl.jpg
This is a metal bath used for heat deterioration or aging test by keeping the sample inside a glass tube for eliminating the effect of migration of additives, etc.

- Testing standard: ASTM D865, ISO 188, JIS K6257
- Number of tubes: 24 tubes (38mm dia. x 300mm L)
- Max. temperature: 300゚C
- Power supply: 200V AC, single phase, 15A (supplied with a transformer for local voltage)
- Dimensions & weight: 50(W) x 68(D) x 46(H) cm, Net about 120kg


Mooney Type Viscometer
No.275 Model AM-3

275 Mooney.jpg
Used to conduct Mooney viscosity test and Mooney scorch test of unvulcanized rubber

Latest and low-cost version, with high temperature accuracy

- Testing method: JIS K6300, ASTM D1646 & ISO 289
- Temperature setting range: Room temp. + 5゚C to 200゚C (Accuracy +/-0.3゚C)
- Revolution: 2 +/-0.02 rpm
- Moony viscosity measuring range: 0 to 200M
- Mooney time setting range: 0 to 200.0 min. (t1, t2, t3, t4 & t5)
- Scorch setting time: 0 to 99.9M (s1 & s2)
- Test time setting range: 0 to 200 min.
- Operation panel: LCD touch panel
- Torque calibration: Auto zero, auto span, calibration by actual weight
- Interface: RS232C
- Air pressure: 0.37MPa required
- Power source: 100V AC, single-phase, 12A (supplied with a transformer for local voltage)
- Dimensions & weight: 54(W) x 50(D) x 112(H) cm, Net about 150kg


DIN Type Abrasion Tester
Model No.276

276 Abrasion_blue.jpg

Used to evaluate abrasion of vulcanized or thermoplastic rubber or tyre, etc.

Testing standards: DIN-53516, ISO-4649, JIS K6264/K6369

- Drum dimension : 150mmφ
- Specimen dimension : 16.2mm φ x 6 to 10mm thick
- Specimen feeding speed : 4.2mm/one round
- Test load : 2.5/5/10/15/20N
- Drum speed : 40 rpm
- Power supply: 100V AC (with a transformer for local voltage)
- Dimensions & weight: 95W x 33D x 31H cm, Net 50kg