221 of Xebex International, Ltd.

Resilience Tester
Model No.221

Used to measure impact resilience of small samples of elastomers like rubber and plastic, etc.

Air Bearing type (High precision, Maintenance free design)
- Testing method: BS-903, JIS K6255
- Disk size: 419mm dia. x 14.3mm thick
- Hammer's tip: 4mm dia. steel ball
- Sample temperature: Room temp. up to 70C (option)
- Sample dimensions: 8 x 8mm, 4mm thick
- Power supply: 100V AC, 50/60Hz, 2A (supplied with a transformer for local voltage)
- Dimensions and weight: 60(W) x 32(D) x 62(H) cm, Net about 105kg


221-ball.jpgBall Bearing type
- Majore specifications are the same as those above.
- Dimensions and weight: 76(W) x 44(D) x 70(H) cm, Net about 105kg