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Digital Thickness Meter
Model No.132 Series

Used to measure thickness of such materials in sheet form as film, rubber and woven cloth

<Common Specifications>
- Testing Method: JIS-K6250/K6328/6783/Z1702, ISO 4591
- Min. indication: 0.01mm or 0.001mm (B-1 only)
- Power source: Battery SR44 x 1
- Dimensions & weight: 10(W) x 17(D) x 24(H) cm, Net about 3.4kg

Model A
- for Vulcanized rubber
- Anvil diameter: 5mm
- Load: 20gf or 44gf (10kPa or 22kPa with spindle)
- Min. reading: 0.01mm

Model A-2
- for Vulcanized rubber, rubber-coated fabric, etc.
- Anvil diameter: 10mm
- Load: 80gf (0.785N)
- Min. reading: 0.01mm

Model A-3
- for Leather, artificial leather, etc.
- Anvil diameter: 10mm
- Load: 393gf
- Min. reading: 0.01mm

Model B-1
- for Films such as ethylene vinyl acetate resin film, polyethylene film or contraction packing film, etc.
- Anvil diameter: 5mm
- Load: 125gf (1.22N)
- Min. reading: 0.001mm

Model B-2
- for Woven fabric or fusible interlining fabric, etc.
- Anvil diameter: 11.3mm
- Load: 240gf (23.5kPa)
- Min. reading: 0.01mm