MM-60R+WQC-24 of Xebex International, Ltd.

Multi-function Water Quality Meter
Model MM-60R
A smart versatile water quality meter that automatically selects the measuring parameters by recognizing the connected sensors

Multi-function for pH, ORP, ion, conductivity, resistivity, salinity, concentration, D.O., saturation and temperature

With 2 channel inputs for different sensors (two channel simultaneous measurements and display)

- Measuring range: pH 0.000 to 14.000/ ORP 0.0 to ±2000.0 mV/ Ion 0.01μg to 999.9g/L, Conductivity 0 to 200.0S/m (7 ranges), Resistivity 0 to 2.000MΩ・m (7 ranges), Salinity 0 to 4.00%, Concentration 0 to 200.0% (3 ranges), D.O. 0.00 to 00mg/L, Saturation 0 to 200%, Temp. 0 to 100.0゚C
- Repeatability: pH ±0.001pH ±1 digit, ORP ±0.1mV±1 digit, Ion ±0.5% F.S.±1 digit, Conductivity/Resistivity/Salinity/Concentration ±0.5% F.S., D.O. ±0.02mg/L±1 digit, Saturation ±2%±1 digit, Temp. ±0.1゚C± 1 digit
- Sensors in option (Please buy necessary electrodes depending on your purpose of use.)

- Automatic sensor recognition (for pH, ORP, ion, conductivity & D.O.)
- Abment temperature and humidity can displayed and recorded.
- Up to 20-run calibration histories can be memoried.
- With a flip cover allowing you a single key operation and functional operation
- All available sensors with automatic recognition and calibration memories
- With RS-232C port
- With USB port for USB memory stick
- With LAN network interface
- with 300 data memory
- Compatible with GLP/Part 11
- Laboratory circumstance (ambient temperature and humidity) can be recorded (option).
- External printer and turn-table can be connected (option).
- Power source: 100 to 240V AC (with an AC adapter)
- Dimensions & weight: Approx. 15.2(W) x 9.8(H) x 23(D) cm, Net about 1.1kg

* Optional Electrodes for MM-60R:
- GST-5741C pH electrode (standard)
- PST-5721C ORP electrode
- CT-57101B Conductivity cell (standard)
- OE-270AA D.O. electrode (immersion/throw-in use)

Such other electrodes as below are also available in option.
(Please see the list for more details.)
a) pH electrodes (trace amount, insertion type, flow monitoring, organic solvent, strong alkali, etc.)
b) Conductivity cells (immersion tpe, low or high conductivity, pure water, etc.)
c) D.O. electrode (immersion/throw-in use, egg bottle use)
d) Ion elecrodes (sodium, chloride, bromide, ionide, cyanide, cadmium, copper, silver, sulfide, fluoride, potassium, calcium, nitrate, ammonium & carbon dioxide)

TTT-510 turn-table.jpgTTT-510 Turn-table* Some of Accessories in Option:
- TTT-510 Turn-table (for 12, 18, 36 or 60 samples)
- ST-15 Stirrer
- EPS-R External printer, with cable (60mm width paper)
- 6949070K Temperature & humidity sensor
- 6949080K Remote switch
- ES-1G Electrode selector (for pH/ORP/Ion)
- ES-1GC Cell selector (for conductivity)
- ES-1GD Electrode selector (for D.O.)
- R-LOG USB/LAN data collection software
- G-LOG2 Data collection software (using RS232C)

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Portable Water Quality Meter
Model WQC-24

WQC-24-1.jpgMulti-parameter water quality meter for field use (for lakes, rivers, dams, underground water, agriculture, fish farming, etc.)

Measurements up to max. 11 simultaneous parameters, and up to 100m depth

<Measuring Items & Range>
- The following 8 parameters are available (as the standard configuration).
pH (0 to 14pH, ±0.05pH), DO (0 to 200mg/L, ±0.1mg/L), Conductivity (0 to 10S/m: auto range, ±1%FS), Turbidity (0 to 800NTU, ±3%FS), Salinity (0 to 4%, ±0.1%), TDS (0 to 100g/L, ±2g/L), Temperature (-5 to 50゚C, ±0.25゚C), Seawater SG
(0 to 50σt, ±0.1σt)

- Main unit (terminal): Digital LCD display, waterproof IP-67, with analog/digital outputs
- Standard sensor module: WMS-24, 45mm outer diameter, with 2m cable
- Data storage: 14 parameters for 35 days (at 15 min. measuring interval)
- Interface: RS-232C (for printer, GPS and LAN)
- Waterproof construction: Conforming to IP67 (or JIS C0920) immersion proof
- Operating temperature: 0 to 40゚C (meter), 0 to 50゚C (sensor)
- Power supply: 2 x AA (R6) dry cells or AC adapter (meter), 3 x AA dry cells (sensor)
- Dimensions & weight: 18.7(L) x 7.5(W) x 3.7(T) cm, Net 320g (meter), 4.5 cm o.d. x 40.8(L) cm, 1.35kg (sensor)

1) The following 2 parameters are available by adding a water depth module or ORP sensor in option.
- Water depth (0 to 100m, ±0.1m), ORP (-2,000 to 2,000mV, ±5mV),
2) Ion sensor module and chlorophyll sensor module are also available in option for the following measurements.
- Ion (fluoride, chloride, nitrate, calcium, potassium & ammonium; ±5% rdg.)
- Chlorophyll (0 to 400μg/L, ±0.1μg/L)
3) Waterdepth sensor, ion sensor and chlorophyll sensor can be optionally mounted on a sensor module at the factory before shipment upon your order.

Available models are:
a) WQC-24-1-1: Terminal + Standard sensor module
b) WQC-24-1-2: Terminal + Ion sensor module
c) WQC-24-1-3: Terminal + Chlorophyll sensor module
d) WQC-24-1-4: Terminal + Standard sensor module (with water depth sensor)
e) WQC-24-1-5: Terminal + Ion sensor module (with water depth sensor)
f) WQC-24-1-6: Terminal + Chlorophyll sensor module (with water depth sensor)

WQC-24_2.jpgAvailable electrodes in option are:
- ELM-004 ORP electrode tip (-2,000 to 2,000mV)
- CL-200B Chloride ion electrode tip (1 to 35,000mg/L)
- N-300 Nitrate ion electrode tip (0.62 to 62,000mg/L)
- F-200 Fluoride ion electrode tip (0.019 to 19,000mg/L)
- CA-300 Calcium ion electrode tip (0.4 to 40,000mg/L)
- K-300B Potassium ion electrode tip (0.39 to 3,900mg/L)
- ELX-002 Ammonium electrode (0.09 to 1,800mg/L)
- ELR-001 Reference electrode (used with each ion electrde)

WQC-24 std sensor.jpgStandard sensor module* Some of Accessories in Option:
- 6801640K Sensor cable, 2m
- 6821850K Sensor cable, 10m
- 6821860K Sensor cable, 30m
- 6821870K Sensor cable, 100m
- WQC-LOG Data processsing software
- EPS-G Printer, with cable
- 134G022 AC adapter (for 220V, etc.)


Portable Water Quality Meter
Model WQC-22A

Multi-parameter water quality meter for field use (Simple model)

- Digital LCD display, dry battery operated (AC adapter in option)
- pH: 0 to 14 ±0.1/0.01pH, glass electrode method
- DO: 0 to 20mg/L ±0.1/0.01mg, diaphragm galvani cell method
- Conductivity: 0 to 7S/m or 200mS±2.5%, 4 electrode method
- Turbidity: 0 to 800NTU or 500mg/L, 90゚ scattering light method
- Salinity: 0 to 4% ±0.01%, converted from conductivity value
- Temperature: 0 to 50゚C ±0.1゚C, platinum RTD
- Size/Weight : (Main unit) 250 x 160 x 95mm, 2.2kg. ; (Sensor) 1.3kg.