DO-32A+COD-60A of Xebex International, Ltd.

Dissolved Oxigen Meter
Model DO-32A

For accurate measurements wth high response of PPB range, with automatic range selection

Suitable for use for supplying water for electric power generating station, test facility for metal corrosion and production facility for semi-conductors, etc.

- Measuring Range: 0 to 19.99 (±0.1) or 0 to 199.9 (±0.3) μg/L (ppb); 0 to 1.999 (±0.03) or 0 to 19.99 (±0.003) mg/L (ppm)

- Measuring method: Membrane type polarographic method
- Range changing over: Automatic/Manual selection
- Temperature compensation range: 0 to 45゚C (automatic)
- Ambient condition: 0 to 45゚C, 0 to 85% RH
- With a low level DO electrode and flow cell (DO-F-30)
- Power source: AC line by adapter, or 9V alkaline dry battery R6 (AA)
- Dimensions & weight: Approx. 25(W) x 16(H) x 9.5(D) cm, Net 2.1kg (main unit)


COD Meter
Model COD-60A

Simplified COD Meter used for measurements of COD as the index of water quality pollution in natural or waste water from factories

- Measuring Range: 0-20.0/40.0/100/200/400/1,000 mg/L (or 10 to 2,000 mg/L possible)
- Reproducibility: ±2% of F.S.

- Display: Graphic LCD with backlight
- Method: Acid (or Alkali) potassium permanganate
- Principle: Coulometric titration
- Control: Automatic processing from oxidization to titration (for acid method only)
- Data memory: 100 points (measuring time, sample number & result)
- With clock, statistic calculation function, built-in printer & RS-232C output
- Power source: 100 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz
- Dimensions & weight: 19(W) x 38.5(D) x 19.2(H) cm, Net about 3.5kg (main unit) + 15(W) x 26.2(D) x 29.5(H) cm, Net about 2.3kg (measuring unit)