IA-300+SU-300 of Xebex International, Ltd.

Ion Analyzer
Model IA-300

Simultaneous multiple ion analysis with simple operation for every one

With high sensitivity and high reliability

Measurement items:
a) Negative ions: F, Cl, NO2, Br, NO3, PO4, SO4
b) Positive ions: Li, Na, NH4, K. Mg, Ca

Measuring ranges:
F, Cl, NO2, Br & NO3: 0.050-50.0 mg/L, PO4: 0.250-100.0 mg/L, SO4: 0.100-100.0 mg/L, Li: 0.05-10.0 or 0.005-1.0 mg/L, Na, NH4: 0.25-50.0 or 0.025-5.0 mg/L, K: 0.5-100.0 or 0.05-10.0 mg/L, Mg: 0.25-50.0 or 0.025-5.0 mg/L, Ca: 0.5-100.0 or 0.05-10.0 mg/L

- Measuring method: Ion chromatography method
- Display: Graphic LCD with back-light
- Sample measurement: 20µL or 200µL by loop-cut system
- Measurement modes: Suppresser Anions analysis (using PCI-205 column), or 1/2 value Cations analysis (using PCI-322 column)
- Measurement time: 15 min.
- Sample injection: Manual sample injection and manual change-over valve
- Data processing unit: Built-in (automated calculation)
- Printer: Built-in thermal printer
- Power supply: 100 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz
- Dimensions : Approx. 19(W) x 53(D) x 47(H) cm


Sugar Analyzer
Model SU-300

Simultaneous measurements of various types of sugar concentrations with simple operation

Available for 5 kinds of sugar and ethanol or 7 kinds of sugar alcohol

Measuring items and ranges:
1) Sugar mode: Ethanol 0.2-4g/L or 4-30g/L, Glucose 10.0-100mg/L or 100-300mg/L, Fructose & Lactose 10.0-100mg/L or 100-750mg/L, Saccharose & Maltose 20.0-100mg/L or 100-750mg/L
2) Sugar Alcohol mode: Xylitol, Arabitol, Sorbitol, Mannitol & Multitol 10.0-200mg/L

Repeatability: Within C.V. 3% at the concentration of calibration solution

- Measuring Method: Ion chromatograophy electrochemcial detection method
- Measuring mode: 2 kinds (sugar mode & sugar alcohol mode)
- Sample injection: Manual sample injection and manual change-over valve
- Measurement time: Sugar mode at 30 min./batch, Sugar Alcohole mode at 18 min./batch
- Column: Anion exchange column PCI-520
- Indication: Graphic LCD
- Printer: Built-in thermal printer
- Power source: 100 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz
- Dimensions & weight: 19(W) x 53(D) x 46.9(H) cm, Net about 17kg