RPM-101 of Xebex International, Ltd.

Automatic Penetration Tester
Model RPM-101

Used for penetration test of Asphalt, Wax and Grease as well as Silicon, Cosmetics and Foods, etc.

- Testing method: ASTM D5 & JIS K2207/K2208
- Measuring range: 0 to 62mm (Min. 0.01mm)
- Wait time: 0.1 sec. to 999.9 sec.
- Control system: Digital control by 4 bit CPU
- Display: Vacuum fluorescent (24 x 2 lines)
- Data output: RS232C/printer interface
- Sample holder: 300 x 210mm (effective)
- Dimensions & weight: 30(W) x 44(D) x 35(H) cm, Net approx. 5kg

Various types of sets are available:
1) Set for Asphalt samples, PPM/A (ASTM D5, JIS K2207/K2208)
2) Set for Wax samples, PPM/W (ASTM D1321, JIS K2235)
3) Set for Grease samples, PPM/S (ASTM D207, ISO 2137, JIS K2220)
4) Optional set for Grease samples, PPM/O
5) Set for 1/2 Cone, PPM/H
6) Set for 1/4 Cone, PPM/Q

* Some of Accessories in Option:
- Digital printer, with cable
- Magnifier with flexible arm
- Sample cup (aluminum), id.70 x 50mm