OME-2000 of Xebex International, Ltd.

Digital Color Meter for Petroleum Products
Model OME-2000
OME-2000_photo(720)_bl.jpgFor Colour Measurement of Petroleum Products:
Conforming to ASTM, Saybolt, APHA and Gardner Standards

- High-accuracy measurement
- No need of calibration using a standard plate (as the data of the relevant colour standard liquids have been stored in the built-in memory)

- Testing methods: ASTM D156/D1500/D6045/D1209, ISO 2049/2211/6271/4630 & JIS K2580 (Lovibond colour scale is not available with this model.)
- 12V 20W halogen lamp
- Light receiving: Fast response type silicon photo cell
- Tri-stimulus value filter: Colored glass filter XYZ
- Display: Fluorescent, 256 x 64 dots
- Data to be displayed: Saybolt color, ASTM color, Gardner color, APHA hazen, L*a*b*, dL*, dE*, X, Y, Z, etc.
- With a built-in printer & RS-232C port
- Power supply: 100V or 220V AC, 50/60Hz
- Dimensions & weight: Approx. 40(W) x 40(D) x 19(H) cm, 12.2kg


Portable Color Meter for Oil
Model OIL-1


For Colour Assessment of Oils and Petroleum Products
Compact, Light-weight and Simple Operation

- Available for ASTM color, APHA Hazen No., Saybolt color, and Gardner No.
(Simplified oil color measuring apparatus: Testing standards such as ASTM are not applied accordingly.)
- With built-in thermal printer
- Light source: LED
- Measuring range: ASTM 0-8.0, APHA 0-500, Saybolt -15.0 to +35.0, Gardner 0-18
- Sample quantity: 6mL (for ASTM/APHA/Gardner), 16mL (for Saybolt)
- Data storage: 100 data pieces
- Power supply: NiCd batteries/AC adapter
- Dimensions & weight: 21(W) x 10.5(D) x 7(H) cm, 660g

* Standard accessories: Cells (50mm + 20mm), thermal paper, 30mL beaker, AC adapter, hard case and operation manual