WA-1+NDR-2000 of Xebex International, Ltd.

Portable Water Analyzer
Model WA 1
Compact, light-weight and simple operation for supply water testing

With built-in printer and 100 data memory

- Measuremetns: Turbidity, coloration, cholorine and transparency
- Measuring range: (Turbidity) 0-20/0-500 NTU, (Coloration) 0-30/0-500 TCU, (Chlorine) 0-2mg/L, and (Transparency) 0-100cm

- Light source: LED
- Display: LCD, 0.00 to 999.99
- Sample quantity: 16mL (for Turbidity/Coloration/Transparency), 6mL (for Chlorine)
- Data storage: 100 data pieces
- With 50mm and 20mm cells, and AC adapter
- Power supply: NiCd batteries/AC adapter
- Dimensions & weight: 21(W) x 10.5(D) x 7(H) cm, Net about 900g

* Some of Accessories in Option:
- Data receiving software


Drainage Analyzer
Model NDR 2000

Used for drainage management

Integrating sphere type, for simultaneous measurements of coloration, turbidity, excitation value and chromaticity coordinates

- Light source: 12V 20W Halogen lamp
- Light receiving: Fast-response silicon photo cell
- Display: Fluorescent tube, 256 x 64 dots, 16.6 x 4.1 cm, blue-green characters
- Display items: Coloration, turbidity, X, Y, Z, xy, light absorption, etc.
- With clock, averaging and sample name input functions
- With built-in thermal printer & RS-232C port
- Dimensions & weight: 40(L) x 40(D) x 19(H) cm, Net 12.5kg

* Some of Accessories in Option:
- Flow cell