TZ-6000 of Xebex International, Ltd.

Transmission Color Meter
Model TZ 6000
Avaialble for measurements of transmission color for films and liquid samples, etc.

- For transmittance measurement only
- Optical standards: JIS Z8722/Z8729/Z8730, ASTM E308/E313/D1925, ISO 7724, CIE No.15.2, etc.

- Available for analytical curves of APHA ang Gardner; Saybolt and ASTM available in option
- Tristimulus type, Double beam, Halogen lamp (12V 20W)
- Measuring items: L*a*b*, ΔL*a*b*, ΔE*, Lab, ΔLab、ΔE, XYZ, Yxy, YI(E313), YI(D1925), W(CIE), W(Lab), WB, Harzen Color No. (APHA), Gardener Color, HVC, L*C*h*. ΔL*C*H*, ΔE94, ΔECMC(1:1), ΔECMC(2:1), LCh, ΔLCH, OD, Color deviation criterion chart
- Measuring area: Luminoflux 7mm; Indicent light opening 20mm
- Measuring aperture: 14mm x 45mm
- Measuring accuracy: ΔE* standard deviation within 0.02
- Interface: RS-232C
- Power source : AC 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz
- Dimensions & weight : 425W x 415D x 189H mm, Net about 13kg