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Seal Peel Compound

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Plastic Coating Compound, Easily Strippable
Used for preventing from corrosion for a long time and protection from damage, as a new method for preservation and packing

This is plastic compound made from natural vegetable fibers like pulp and cotton as major material as well as vegetable oil, mineral oil and other chemicals. There are two types of compounds, transparent and translucent. This compound is melted in an electric heating bath, and an object to be packed is dipped into the melted compound. When it is taken out of the compound, coated film layer is formed along with the original shape of the object, and thus you can have complete plastic coated packing.

It is solid under ambient temperature, and has superb crashproof, and cold and heat resistant characteristics. It has also resistance to rust, corrosion, mold, oxidation, moisture, water penetration, sea breeze and salt water, and high electrical insulation. Its soft and elastic plastic coating works as cushion against impact, and as it is transparent or translucent, you can know immediately what is inside, and to take out the packed object, you can peel its plastic coating very easily just like you peel a banana.

Thus, the SEAL PEEL processed products will save your time for material packing as well as space and weight for transportation, with good protection from damage. Peeled-out film can be recycled, if it is not tainted, and used in mixture together with new compound.

For the purpose of anti-rust and damage-preventing packing, the SEAL PEEL process can be applied to such parts as of:
- Vehicles, Automobiles, Aircrafts, Spinning and Weaving Machines and Other Machines, as well as Tools, Jigs, Gears, Cutters, Hobs, Nozzles, Drills, Dies, Reamer Taps, Gauges, Calipers, Micrometers, Bits, Diamond Tools, including various sorts of Mechanical Parts and Polished Metal Plates, etc.

This SEAL PEEL process can be also applied to the protection of various electric parts by making use of its insulation performance (approx. 2,300V AC or DC against the coating thickness of 0.8mm), and of various instruments that may by affected by sea breeze and water.

The SEAL PEEL processed products can be stocked for a long period of time without quality deterioration, and as those have high resistance to very hard climate alteration, it is recommended to apply this epoch-making packing method to your export sale of various valuable parts or products. The packing method using this compound meets the U.S. Packing Standard MIL-P-149A.