Friabilator of Xebex International, Ltd.


Automatic sample ejection

Variable speed gear for drum rotation

One-drum or two-drum specification

- After the end of testing, sample tablets are automatically ejected to the sample tray, so there is no need to take off a drum to take out sample tablets.
- Drum’s rotation speed is settable by the equipped variable speed gear, making it possible to do your test under the different drop frequency than specified by the relevant pharmacopeia.
- Two-drum type friabilator is available by adding an optional extension shaft with the extra E-2 drum.

Model TFT-1200
- Number of drum: One (1) drum (E-1), Acrylic plastic
- Dimension of drum: Approx. Dia. 287mm x 38 mm deep
- Rotation speed setting: 1 to 99 rpm +/-1rpm
- Number of rotation: 1 to 9,999 times, by digital preset counter
- Drum inclination: Equipped (10deg. Fixed)
- Automatic sample ejection: Equipped
- Dimensions & weight: 300W x 360D x 435H mm, Net about 10.2kg (Main unit 9.0kg)

Option for 2-drum type
- Drum E-2 kit